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Web Consult

Welcome to Web Consult: A Service Provided to Assist you in your Oral Health Care

Based on 30 years experience in the field of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Web Consult is a service that allows you to seek advice from Dr. Heffez online at your own convenience, without the need for an appointment or office visit. To start the consult, you will be presented with an area to describe any issues you may be having, ask any questions, upload photos, X-rays, and any other documentation relative to your case. Dr. Heffez will review your case and reply within 4 business hours with a recommendation, answers to your questions, or any additional questions for you. You are free to exchange messages with Dr. Heffez at your convenience throughout the duration of your Web Consult.

It is recommended that you print out the Medical History form and bring it to your appointment.

This site and it's communications that may contain personal information require 128-bit SSL encryption

Start your Web Consult Now!

If you are a current patient (not past,not future) you may contact Dr. Heffez directly.

Disclaimer: A Web Consult is not a replacement for an in office consultation. It is intended to provide brief information that might help you understand your problem better.. The advice is based on the information, x-rays, pictures, and additional documentation provided. The consultation is considered incomplete without an examination. Dr. Heffez will provide detailed information to answer your questions and for you to be ready with questions for your provider. The consultation obtained is not billable to third party medical insurance, Public Assistance or Medicare. For patients who are not currently patients of Dr. Heffez, there is a minimum fee of $99 for review of materials and composition of a reply(ies). All fees are non-refundable.